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8 - Ep


this as fierce as it gets
now that my life is legit
everything's opposite
everything's not the same
my own friends wont come near me
all I got is my family
and the Holy Spirit
when I talk about family
it's not just blood
bet everyone doing
the will of my Father is bruh
yeah they my brothers
and my sisters too
sometimes I feel like the black sheep
it's crazy my dude
when I had a good job
with benefits and a salary
paid vacation and all
looked like I took care of family
but now I'm right slap dab
in the hand of my LORD
we gave up everything
now they thinking
I'm going crazy insane
but I'm leaving a legacy
 doing it all His way
don't matter if you're too blind to see
hopefully one day He'll reveal it
but until then it's back to work
right back to building this building
had to lay the foundation
and the foundation is Christ
had to dig pretty deep
and pay a very high price
you can't move my feet
plus my hands to the sky
but my feet's on the ground
so my reach is real high

how much more can a brother
show his love for you
i don't talk too much
but i speak with my actions
if we got it you got it
all you gotta do is ask us
see this album is epic
it's a shout to the dark
screaming at everybody
who's life is in park
i gotta partner right now
whose life is being torn apart
but all works for the good
if His love's in your heart
but it hurts to see
my closest friends not start
or start but not finish
listen bruh it's too hard
we cant live on our own
cant everybody give help
there's only One
who's qualified
so humble yourself 
lay your life at His feet
let Him lead you to purpose
don't do this accidentally
be intentional on purpose
do it quick in a hurry
aint no time to be worried
aint no time to be afraid
fear will kill you for certain 
man I'm hurting
I wanna see you live life for real
bruh get outta the matrix
take the red pill
see the truth with your own eyes
don't be blinded by money
cause we don't run jack